Shaun "The Wizard" Collins = Syntheziser
Duncan Scott = Guitar, Vocals
"Magic Rob" = add. Didgeridoo, Driver and Good Vibes
Tony "Macaroni" England = Bass, Vocals
Jean-Pierre Serrier "JP" = Drums, add. Sampler

(English biography from 1995)

SPRINGFOOT JACK are a diverse fusion of psychedelic, rock and groove. Assimilating a wide influence from others, such as: Ian Dury, Frank Zappa, Gong, Pink Floyd and Funkadelic

First stage impressions can be deceiving, they will come across as being a serious band, which they are. Yet they have also other qualities, a sense of fun, London charme and an excellent rapport with their audiences.

This band has been generating rhythm since 1991, in this time they have worked their way through the London pub scene and the perimeters beyond. A popular festival band, having played at Glastonbury, The Forest Fair, Festival Of The Sun and Torpedo Town. SPRINGFOOT JACK have recently completed two tours in Germany to an incredible response and are allready invited to come back in spring '96.

SPRINGFOOT JACK just love to play and entertain. With a funk, rock, reggae grove and witty, yet meaningful lyrics, they soon have the audience swinging their hips and more

SPRINGFOOT JACK are London based, but are slowly moving into Europe, who knows the next dimension may be their next place of play.

With an emphasis on the cosmos and life on earth they find the musical answer to the meaning of it all!